Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ok, its been a long time.

So what's new since Conner's 5th birthday.... well we had a great summer.  Spent time near Myrtle Beach with Sig Ep friends.  Conner and Graham enjoyed the beach - especially Conner - who loves the enjoy and is so easy to be around these days.  Graham is a bit of a tough cookie.  He wasn't loving the beach so much so we spent more time in the house.  Thankfully the house was really nice and had beautiful views of the ocean and marsh.  I could not have dreamed of staying in such a cool house when I was kid.  

Graham turned 2 a few weeks ago.  He likes to prove to us that he is 2 quite often.   I'm being hard the guy.  He's a really sweet, sweet boy.  He talks so much, loves to read books, loves cars and truck, and loves cartoons.  When he wants something sweet he asks for one m&m.  How innocent is that?   We all know when he's excited about something bc he does this happy dance.  The same one every time.   He loves his big brother and can't wait to be able to sleep in his bed with him.   

Yesterday the boys played in the rain.   It was a magical moment and I"m proud of myself for letting go and letting them have a crazy fun time.

Conner has started Kindergarten at Park Maitland.  He seems to love it.   His science teacher conducted the "Purple Lava" experiment from "If you take a Mouse to School".   We've been recreating at home ever since.   He says its his favorite class.   For me, its wonderful to see him in his handsome uniform and reading short stories to me for his homework.  It's been a really special time for us.

Well, we have a few trips to Disney in store this month and hopefully a trip up to DC to visit friends.     More from us soon!
Driving in a classic car at Disney celebrating Graham's 2nd birthday.

Conner's first day of Kindergarten.

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