Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Visit From Santa (Twice)

Santa visited Conner at school on Friday. He was so excited to see him that he had a hard time sitting still. Santa gave each of the kids toys (from the parents) and Conner was all over the playdough tools he received - time to make confetti, turtles, and cut with fun shaped scissors.

We also went to a breakfast with Santa this morning. The food was yummy. Everything you want from a country club breaksfast. That part was for the parents (did I mention the mimosas?) and then Santa arrived. He had a decorated spot to sit outside and this was our big chance to get a picture with both Conner and Graham on Santa's lap. It turned out to be the classic shot of the crying baby. Poor Graham. He as not happy. But no worries. He cheered up immediately after and enjoyed running around outside with Conner.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Beginnings

So the Vosburghs are trying out blogging. It took me a while to grasp what a blog actually was until three of my closest and dearest friends started blogs that I love to read. I don't think I'm half as witty or have half as much information to share but we'll try to make our lives seem interesting (or at least endeavor to actually be interesting so our blog can be interesting). Mostly this blog is for us to keep track of the boys and update everyone with pictures. I've never been successful at keeping a journal (I have many beautiful yet empty journals to prove my point). But we thought it was time to end the babysite we've been dutifully updating for the past 4 plus years and try something a bit more grown up. Wish us luck : )

Conner kicking the soccer ball to Coach Jen (Preston's mom)

Graham enjoying the funky swing at Trotwood Park

Our sweet dog, Donovan, who passed away this week. We miss him.