Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Conner!!!!

Conner's turns 5 today.   He has gotten so big physically and mentally that its actually easy to believe.   What's hard to believe is that we've been parents for 5 years.    Its been quite the ride, lots of ups and downs and in betweens.   We hung up pictures of Conner from his very first day through all of his birthdays till today.  The transformation is unbelievable.    What's tough is that it's hard to remember those days.   Where do the memories go?   I have to say that 5 is a great age and being in the present isn't so bad : )   Graham is getting bigger and the two boys are getting along much better.  

Conner's birthday was all about Toy Story.  We overdecorated the house and Conner loved it.  He wanted to help all week and kept asking when will his cake be ready.  He wanted to know what games we would play and who would be there.   We invited a smaller group this year bc last year was overwhelming for Conner at Monkey Joes.   He had a blast with the balloon swords and classic party games.  Then we all went to see Toy Story 3 together - Conner's first trip to the movies.  He liked the movie theater and the previews but, unfortantely, the movie was terrible.   They tried to kill Buzz and Woody and the gang over and over again.   They didn't even redeem the bad guy in the end.   It was heartbraking to see the toys being carried off to the incinerator to impending death with tears in their eyes.  Conner and some of his friends were crying.  So that part was a bust but thank goodness we had gift opening to look forward to.  

So today is the actual big day and Conner has chosen to watch a lot of TV, eat sweets, and hang out in his underpants.   Sounds like a day well spent!   Love you big guy!!!