Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meatmoaf and Pageddy

It seems like I spend most of my day feeding the boys.  It reminds me of a line in Winnie the Pooh where, "Pooh ate and ate and ate" all of Rabbit's honey.   If only it was so easy and I could just feed the kids, and Dale for that matter, pots of honey.  

Conner and Graham both have their lists of foods that they like, er, are willing to eat.   Of course, these lists rarely intersect.   One of these rarities is my homemade Italian meatloaf.  Graham likes to call it meatMoaf.  I don't care what it's called because I'm so happy to have everyone in the family eating the same thing for dinner.  Conner has his with a side of spaghetti.  He decided he liked spaghetti noodles after watching Lady and the Tramp.  Seriously, that actually did the trick.  Now if only Disney would make a movie to get my kids eating veggies!   I broke out into song... can you guess... on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball...  

In other news, Dale and I went up to Norfolk over Easter weekend for Allison and Matt's wedding.   It was a great weekend and so nice to see a few college friends.   It was like we saw each other all the time.  Conner and Graham had a fun weekend with my parents and Natalie.   Lots of egg hunting and chocolate eating. 

At the reahearsal dinner.

The happy bride and groom.

Easter brunch : )

Easter Sunday with Mimo and Opa.