Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Return to Disney

As a Christmas gift to Conner, we bought seasonal passes to Disney.    We're not sure who is more excited, Conner or Dale and I.   The first day, Dale, Conner and I went to the Magic Kingdom (Graham spent the day with my parents) .   It was the coldest day of the year which could have been a bad thing but it kept the tourists away.   This translates to short lines, happy parents, and happy children.  Children who get their wish when they ask, "Can we ride it again?".    We even caught a glimpse of the parade that we've never had the patience to wait around for.   Conner was most excited to Bert from Mary Poppins and Woody from Toy Story.   The big event of the day, by far, was Conner's first real roller coaster ride on Thunder Mountain.   He loved it and was not scared one bit.   Wow.   Here are a few pictures... we didn't take many because Conner was not in a picture taking mood.

The racetrack with Conner driving.

Mickey's house still decorated for Christmas,

The castle covered in lights.