Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"I Can't Wait Till After Friday"

Dale's sister and her family are visiting Disney for 10 days.  They arrive on Saturday and with them comes three fabulous cousins, Henry, Corrine, and Tricia, whom Conner adores.  Well, maybe he hasn't warmed up to Tricia yet.  She's younger and only older cousins are cool.    We explained to Conner that they'll arrive the day after Friday so periodically throughout the day he'll declare, "I can't wait till after Friday".    He's always up for a trip to Disney too so it will be a really fun week and I promise to post more pictures.

I have come to realize that I'm not hooked on blogging.  I kinda hoped that I would be.   I'll think of things that I want to write about but totally forget when I finally sit down at the computer after the boys are in bed.  

Right now, I'm counting every single one of my blessings.  It seems like there has been sad news from friends and family and in the news throughout the year.  Our prayer box keeps filling up.

We had a nice Mother's Day.  Conner painted a picture frame at school that he was bursting  to give me.   I love the pictures that's in it.   Graham continues to surprise us with his ability to talk - he comes up with four word sentences and uses pronouns.  He's a real riot chasing after his brother, climbing up on the couch to sit next to him, and saying things like "love you".  Boy is this a cute age.   Can I just freeze this time?  Mostly I'm trying to keep up with their energy and zest for life (maybe its more like zest for creating mud piles).

Conner making a mud pile.  This is the picture in the frame he made.

Graham eating his first corn on the cob.  He loves to eat!

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