Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Funny Boy(s)

A big thank you to God for giving us a sense of humor.   Conner and Graham make us laugh just about every day.   Sometimes it's the kind of laugh that brings you to tears and you know you'll never forget the moment.  

The other day, Conner heard his Opa making a phone call.   My dad's name is Bernie and I suppose we've never mentiond that to Conner.  So when my dad said, "Hi Vic, it's Bernie" Conner heard, "Hi Vic, it's burning".  Conner immediately jumped up and started screaming, "What's burning, Opa???!!!".  My mom and I could not stop laughing.  I'm laughing while I'm typing this just thinking about it : )  

Graham also has a sense of humor, possibly even overly developed for an 18 month old.   He had his butt in the air, proceeded to fart, laughed out loud and declared, "fart!".  My mom's response was classic. - "I didn't even know that he knew the word fart".   Good times kiddos.  Good times.  

More pictures soon.  I'm having lunch by myself sitting at Panera with my laptop.   I feel collegiate and I love it.  I think there is unwritten ettiquette for computer use at a coffee shop and I think that watching videos of Olympic Ice Dancing is a no-no.  Oh well.  What are they going to do???

Have a great day!
Playing inside the big tree in Winter Park

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